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The art of the Tiny Prick

AANA CE Credit Approved Course

Led by Krista Riley, BSN, RN, CANS, the K-LIPS Method is an AANA CE credit-approved course designed for talented, smart registered nurses and nurse practitioners looking to enhance their skills in designer lip injections.

Whether you’re just starting out in the Aesthetics world or are seeking to build upon your current skill set, Krista’s program is a one-day intensive designed to teach you the art of her signature lip technique, The K-LIPS.

This boot camp focuses on giving you the foundational training to offer your clients natural-looking, customized lip injections—helping them achieve the confidence they deserve. The K-LIPS technique combines the art of the tiny prick with the perfect equation of soft hydrating fillers and structural height-building fillers to create a custom-designed lip for each unique client.


The K Lips

  • Facial anatomy review

  • Science of dermal fillers

  • Injecting techniques

  • Training on The K Lips signature method

  • Touch-up technique – The K Pop

  • Complications and client management

  • Full-day training and hands-on practice

  • 24/7 access to the course materials (maybe there can be a drive that is shared?)

  • Small groups for personalized training and support

  • Products and models will be provided at no additional cost.

Meet the Instructor


"Your lips are my canvas. The needle is my paintbrush."

"I am trained and certified by world-renowned physicians and providers in multiple lip techniques. I took bits and pieces from each of these experiences and spent years perfecting what I now call my very own specialized K-LIPS technique."

About Us Krista Riley | Prick'd Medspa in St. Louis, MO

The Choice is Yours

Black Prick'd Medspa in St. Louis, MO

Hungover AF

120 Minutes | $160
  ◦ Headaches
  ◦ Nausea
  ◦ Dehydration

Got a business meeting today, but still feeling last night’s tequila? No worries, we’ve got your back, queen-king! Say goodbye to that hangover real quick with our Hungover AF drip! This IV drip is designed to kick those dehydration, headache, and nausea vibes to the curb. Packed with a killer combo of B-Complex vitamins, mineral blends, and anti-nausea remedies, you’ll be back on top in no time for whatever’s next – no sweat! Stay fierce and slay that hangover game!

Black Prick'd Medspa in St. Louis, MO

Competitive King-Queen

120 Minutes | $160
• Decreases Recovery Time
• Enhances Performance

Had a game night that turned into a full-blown showdown? No sweat, ’cause we’ve got the remedy – presenting our Performance Potion! This bad boy is your ticket to slashing recovery time and unleashing your inner athlete like a total badass. Packed with the goods: ascorbic acid to armor your cells against future chaos, B-Complex vitamins to hydrate you like a pro, amino blends that’ll keep those muscles on point, and an essential mineral blend to kick dehydration to the curb. Say hello to a turbocharged athletic prowess in record time! You’re on a path to glory, and this potion is your sidekick for those jaw-dropping athletic feats. Get out there, own the spotlight, and remind ’em who’s boss!

Package of 3 $2700

Check out the Body section for a more detailed list of areas on the body.

Schedule a consultation and get all your questions answered.
*Also, bundle areas and save $

Q & A

Our course on the K-LIPS Method is the perfect training to become a safe and skilled aesthetics injector. Our in-depth training will encompass the essentials of injectable treatments for facial aesthetics. To start, you will receive the fundamentals in theoretical knowledge followed by in-clinic, hands-on training by injecting a few live models with the knowledge you gained on dermal fillers and our superior treatment methods.

At PRICK'D University, we will happily arrange all models for our training course. If you have a specific request to bring your own model(s), please contact us at (314) 256-1290 to review and discuss any requirements. All arrangements will need to be approved and completed at least two weeks prior to the course date.

Transportation, room, and board are not included and need to be arranged prior to your scheduled training date. We are happy to provide recommendations for hotels in the area.

You will find a signup questionnaire on this page to request information regarding cost, dates, and any further Q&A you may have. Registrations for training courses will not be confirmed until billing information is received. It is our pleasure to assist in your continued growth, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Registrations for training courses will not be confirmed until full billing information is received.

  • Full refunds may be requested by email within 14 days of registration confirmation. After 14 days, no refunds will be issued.

  • In order to cancel or reschedule your confirmed spot in the PRICK'D University, please contact us at [email protected].

  • Cancellations made after 48 hour period and no-shows will incur the full cost of the program.

  • In the event of a class cancellation due to weather, participants will be able to reschedule.

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